Thank you for your interest in working with MacroDazzle. If you'd like to consider a new job/career, please fill out the application form below and we'll get back to you if you meet certain qualifications for the work that's available:



We are employing only in the United States on a contract basis at will. You MUST be authorized to work in the US. The opportunities that we are providing are perfect for those who had been previously self-employed / independent workers / contractors. Especially, it's for those who would like to be self-employed MacroDazzle Affiliates working from your home office. This way you could still work independently at your own pace and discretion while at the same time boosting your income potential from using the MacroDazzle branding / image, influence, connections and all the consulting services for free. All the current positions are mainly part-time and self-employed with an affiliate-partner independent agent contract-agreement. For your privacy protection, we do not share any of your personal / application information with any other party. Whatever you share in this application will not be posted publicly nor used for unauthorized commercial gains. 


It is your obligation to provide accurate information about yourself so we can assess your level of experience, competence and reputation. There is no need to provide any financial info nor any kind of personal info that's not relevant to the job positions. Sending in examples of your work with a track record would be more helpful. At this time, all employment is going to be part-time based on relative merit. For ethical reasons, if you wish to work with us, you may NOT be employed by any competing firm that would have a vested interest in obtaining our intellectual property out of being anti-competitive. If there is a conflict interest, then that firm would either have to become a strategic partner of business alliance OR we'd have to forgo any business relation altogether.


MacroDazzle reserves the right to deny your application for any reason it deems appropriate, justifiable and legal without unfair discrimination. If you were to be hired, our company will try to provide reasonable accommodation that would in no way guarantee a prolific lifestyle as it would be your main responsibility to ensure that your complete performance can provide sufficient stability of independent compensation by working as an agent while acting on the principal's behalf (i.e. our company).

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