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Good Income Opportunities

+ Extra Benefits / Incentives

* Get Paid HIGH Incentives & More Revenues

* Freedom of Choosing to Be Reseller or Provider

(+get team support and admin assistance)

* Receive 50% Revenue Share from Recruiting

(if you sign up for comp benefits plan here)

* Receive 20% - 25% & 30% from Multimedia Marketing Content Services

* PLUS Residual Commission for STABLE Income

+ Extra Performance Bonuses and Awards

* Keep a HEFTY Portion of Your Income

(if you choose to be a service provider)

* 1 on 1 Advanced Pro Training + Online Tools 

+ Valuable Training Materials

* PLUS We Give You an @company Inbox & Website Portal Page with a Lead Gen Form

+ Work with Fun Multimedia Services

The opportunities that we are providing are perfect for those who had been previously self-employed / independent workers / contractors. Especially, it's for those who would like to be self-employed MacroDazzle Affiliates working from your home or office.

This way you could still work independently at your own pace and discretion while at the same time boosting your income potential from using the MacroDazzle branding / image, influence, connections and all the consulting services. All the current positions are mainly part-time and self-employed with a independent agent-affiliate contract-agreement.

 By becoming a MacroDazzle Reseller, you agree to our compensation plan listed below and that we reserve the right to improve and modify the business model at any time with or without prior notice. We also promise to make sure the compensation model has great incentives and proper rewards for you to be more successful.

There are 4 compensation levels linked to benefits packages. Choose your desired level of compensation and click on SIGN UP NOW to become an official PAID affiliate who can start making money right away. NOTE: without the Compensation-Benefits package, you won't be able to participate in our reseller program.

With such high commissions & payouts, you now have an opportunity to earn a full-time income or you may even want to start a business with multiple revenue streams. Other times, it can also serve as supplemental extra income you would not otherwise have. Everything is geared for you to succeed.

How to Make Extra Money via MacroDazzle

If you help us find AND recruit some valuable workers & clients, you'd be rewarded for your efforts on a bigger scale.  Just start looking for new affiliates who'd be interested in show business.

Please note that if you join as a FREE associate WITHOUT purchasing the benefits package, you would NOT be able to earn commissions and bonuses by affiliating others NOR you would have any access to our career benefits program. You could still earn 20% incentives but they are minimal. The concept is if you invest in your work career, we’ll invest in you BACK by giving the best kind of support, compensation, benefits and rewards. For certain benefits, one must be an active reseller having an acting account bringing in at least 1 paid client per month. By  submitting your affiliate form and signing up for the benefits package, you agree to the compensation-benefits terms listed above.

How our Benefits Packages Makes You Earn More Money

THE BENEFITS PACKAGE WOULD ALLOW YOU TO MAXIMIZE YOUR INCOME BY OFFERING OPPORTUNITIES TO OTHERS AND GETTING PAID FOR IT QUITE GENEROUSLY (50% COMMISSION) Depending on the benefits-compensation package you select, you'd be getting paid anywhere between $50 and $300 per per each affiliate that joins our program. At the upper affiliate levels, your income could multiply by 2x, 3x and 4x!!! Depending on your specialty, you'd be able to enroll others in relevant affiliate programs. In all of this, you'd also be acting like an employment agent who'd be helping others out with career-type decisions, employment options, research, benefits, resumes..