MacroDazzle Term of Use and Privacy Policy

Social Network Terms:  By using our website, you agree to our reasonable code of conduct for the social network terms and conditions.

As a valid user who signs up for MacroDazzle, you have to maintain a legitimate profile representing yourself. MacroDazzle is considered to be an social contest network website powered by rich multimedia content and very diverse user-base that could originate from anywhere in the world. We ask that you obey the rules of social etiquette and thus practice cultural tolerance and mutual respect.

If you do showcase affiliate links via your profile or via any of our publishing sources, those links must be of "clean origin" in a way that it adds value to our network & users. Your other website links must not contain any spyware, viruses nor any kind of malware that can potentially harm our users. Under these conditions, MacroDazzle is still not responsible for any damages and troubles that you may occur as a result of a user clicking on a wrong link that has malware. However, we do highly advise all our users to maintain a reliable anti-virus protection software to be able to protect oneself and others. MacroDazzle IT staff do try their best to make sure our members have a safer environment and will thus try to remove any malicious content that our users and our IT admins flag for deletion. Furthermore, MacroDazzle staff reserves the right to remove PERMANENTLY anyone's profile we deem in violation of our terms of use of conduct and legitimacy. Given such circumstances, MacroDazzle and its workers WILL NOT be responsible for any lost media/content OR contacts that would be deleted as a result of a user violating our terms of use and public conduct guidelines. We also cannot and will not take responsibility for any loss of revenue that you OR your company may incur due to your social and/or business conduct on the Site.


User Profile Terms:  When you sign up for a user profile, you agree to abide by our standards of social ethics conduct and general content management. MacroDazzle was set up in a way for the user and/or advertiser to be encouraged to post their own original content. Permitted content syndication includes any of the following: Pictures, Videos, Blogs, News/Articles, Events, Music, Podcasts, verified Websites & Apps AND any legitimate/honest offers/promos, ads & listings and valid links to one's own websites with no intent to cause any malice whatsoever. Malicious behavior that's prohibited on the profile includes such things as: cyber-bullying, eliciting sensitive information for exploitation, displaying illegal products or services, posting suspicious/malicious links, spamming the users with too many unwanted messages and offers, impersonating others or falsifying ANY information about oneself on one's own profile... All these types of profiles are subject to being REMOVED and banned from the MacroDazzle website with OR without warnings and explanations.

If you do sign up someone else for MacroDazzle and if you chose to maintain or post content on that person's behalf, you must have their direct permission to do so. In the event of not having permission for such means, it will be deemed an illegitimate profile in which case MacroDazzle staff is not responsible for any discontent it may cause to that individual. Instead, that profile will be subject to deletion (either at the request of that person represented on the profile or at our own discretion if we were to detect any suspicious activity or any obvious misrepresentation) - Nevertheless, there will be certain profiles on MacroDazzle that will be serving a demo purpose or a TEST purpose. If someone profile has been used as a demo/test profile, you have the right to request its removal or else you can use it yourself if you agree to keep it online. Additionally, there will be other profiles that would be manually integrated and activated upon the permission form those users to whom the profile belongs. All MacroDazzle users have the right to request the deletion of their profiles at ANY POINT IN TIME, which would be fulfilled by the MacroDazzle admin support system. By using this site, you acknowledge that MacroDazzle and its IT department has the right to conduct maintenance without prior notification of its users as well as taking down the site for any reason MacroDazzle management deems necessary with OR without prior notice sent to its users.

Pictures & Graphics: By posting pictures on MacroDazzle, you agree that you have the right to use that picture/image publicly. You further agree not to infringe on anyone's intellectual property and thus will not hold MacroDazzle responsible for any ramifications that arise from using someone else's or unauthorized / forbidden content. Please, practice good judgement when posting pictures or ads or else they will be subject to deletion if they were to violate our terms of public decency or intellectual property rights. Pictures that are forbidden and are subject for removal are: naked / pornographic photos, violent or offensive pictures, fake pictures, children's/baby pictures not suitable for networking, stock pictures that are copyrighted & watermarked, malware / adware attachment and/or suspicious links, empty profiles that exhibit patterns of spam profile registrations.. Furthermore, MacroDazzle reserves the right to remove without prior notice warnings ANY pictures it deems inappropriate or offensive for viewing. Consequently, we absolve ourselves from all liabilities and claims stemming from irresponsible or ignorant users posting prohibited content that would be subject to permanent deletion and profile-flagging for removal. If you, as a User, detect inappropriate / offensive or potentially harmful content, you are encouraged to contact our support immediately using the contact info on the our contact page on the MacroDazzle website.

Posting Videos: By sending and/or posting videos on MacroDazzle, you agree that you have the right to use that video/content publicly. You further agree not to infringe on anyone's intellectual property and thus will not hold MacroDazzle responsible for any ramifications that arise from using someone else's or unauthorized / forbidden content. Please practice good judgement when posting pictures or ads or else they will be subject to deletion if they were to violate our terms of public decency or intellectual property rights.Videos that are forbidden and are subject for removal are: any glitchy / non-displayable videos, overly pornographic videos, violence videos, cult/terrorism videos, copyrighted / unauthorized videos, spammy videos or malware / adware attachments and/or suspicious links or any videos that exhibit patterns of spam profile registrations..

Furthermore, MacroDazzle reserves the right to remove without prior notice warnings any videos it deems inappropriate for viewing. In order to get your videos featured on the home page showcase page, you must be a premium/paid member.

Regardless of premium memberships, MacroDazzle staff may also feature at their own discretion any videos that are considered exceptionally worthy of featuring. By signing up for a profile on our website and by posting OR submitting videos, you agree to grant us rights to feature and showcase your content on MacroDazzle any way we deem viable and appropriate.

User Groups: Also called "Fandoms" or "U-Groups" on MacroDazzle - they were created as special user groups divided up by common interests. They also serve a self-advertising purpose and thus are regulated by MacroDazzle moderators and admins. One must have a premium/paid user profile in order to create one's own U-Groups for advertising or educational or recreational purpose. This helps to ensure proper control over the spam accounts that would be otherwise flagged for posting too much redundant content in those groups. Certain groups & fandoms are free/open to join while others are by approval only. You must abide by rules of decent social conduct to respect people's opinions in order to try to get along as part of a wholistic community.

Posting Blogs & News: This particular feature requires a premium advertising fee if you would like to post a PR blog about yourself and/or your own company/band. These are NOT private blogs and thus are meant to be public for either promotional or educational or inspirational or entertainment purpose. Each blog must be 1st approved by the MacroDazzle administration in order for it to be posted live. After it has been approved, MacroDazzle can help you with certain touch-up like grammar, structure, wording and title branding for SEO. Our news blogs also do get posted on our extended social media networks and profiles. By submitting your blog to MacroDazzle, you give us the right to modify, correct, improve, augment and distribute your content for PR and web marketing. We also do write our own original content that deals with any of the relevant topics being promoted at our own will. Certain content that MacroDazzle will post would be for educational, inspirational and entertainment purpose and in no way necessitate commercial use of the content. If you were to see your original content on our website (without your direct consent), you have the right to request the taking down of that content or else you also have an option to negotiate a promotional deal with affiliate marketing campaigns with links back to your site to boost traffic and rankings. However, we carefully screen content for quality, validity and overall value. You must also be a premium/verified/paid member in order to post in blogs which would be displayed publicly.

Posting Events:  As a premium member advertiser, you may also post special events on our events/blog page. One must be a paid member in order to post a promotional event publicly. Events can either be paid events or free or you may also include your website link in the description if you have an external source for collecting attendance forms and/or fees. Beside the typical events that revolve around a physical location, you are also allowed to post such events as webinars, promotional limited time offers, news/announcements and even training, classes, schedules and recruiting events... Those events that are not allowed to be posted include but not limited to: fake/non-existent events, deceptive ads (like bait and switch), radical-extremist groups events, sexual events/encounters, events/content that has suspicious or malicious links or any spyware/adware trackers or any content that can potentially harm a user in any shape or form. MacroDazzle cannot be held accountable in any way for any content or offers that our users post in events on the MacroDazzle website as well as the users' own websites. Our users are enouraged to be vigilant about browsing throughout the profiles, posts and websites they visit and are urged to inform MacroDazzle administration of any suspicious content/behavior.

Contests Policy:  all ages can participate in contests on MacroDazzle. However, if a child who is below a contractual age/mental capacity wants to submit a talent contest entry, that child must have one's own parent or guardian of at least 18 years of age submit the entry on their behalf or have close supervision over the sign-up process & contest participation. Regardless of age, parents/guardians and everyone within mental capacity is expected to read our contest policies and User/Contestant terms of use AND must abide by our general and specific policies. MacroDazzle will not be held responsible for any unsupervised 'under-age' contest entrees and showcase demos. If you, as a User, do not agree with certain terms and policies, you have a choice NOT to submit content/entries and and you have the right NOT to have a profile on our network.In order to qualify to participate in contests, you must be a registered/verified member of MacroDazzle.

Our main contests are split into 10 main categories: Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Songwriting, Photography, Writing, Comedy, Acting, Videography & Web Design. As of currently, there is no deadline to submit the contest entrees. Nevertheless, you still have to submit appropriately according to the proper category and with a reasonable viewable or audible good quality of the rendering otherwise any poor works or anything that cannot be viewed or listened to will not be accepted into a contest and thus will not qualify for any rewards. Soon after MacroDazzle receives a large enough volume of contest submissions, we then will announce a winner per each category via our U-News blog and a direct email to the winner. There are no specific expiration periods and time-frames after which we announce winners.

In order to participate in contests and in order to qualify for cash and prizes, User/Contestant must be at least 18 years old or older and must follow up with the small entry fee of $20 per each contest entry. Hence, those Contestants who are NOT minors (NOT below 18 years of age) are then expected to have a valid / authorized / legitimate / functioning bank account and credit card on file. For any User/Contestants who are Minors (BELOW the age of 18 or below "contractual age") - they can either choose NOT to participate in MacroDazzle contests OR they can have their "Supervising Guardian/Parent or Relative" of legal contractual mental capacity age (of 18 and above) follow up with the paid contest entry to oversee and to approve/acknowledge the content guidelines and contest policy. 


By submitting your contest entry (into either a free or a paid contest) you state that you allow MacroDazzle the rights to post your winning video or picture or music or writing works in the MacroDazzle showcase page & blog, social media and email newsletters without your direct permission thus serving as free publicity due to a publicly submitted works for a public online contest. However, you do have the right to NOT display or advertise your works publicly therefore you'd be advised to inform MacroDazzle staff directly via the contact info displayed on our website or by simply emailing


Privacy Policy:  When you sign up for a MacroDazzle user profile, our systems do their best to safeguard your info. MacroDazzle itself does NOT collect NOR store any sensitive information that deals with credit card numbers or social security #s and etc... To process credit card payments, we use PayPal and Stripe payment gateways to safely allow for the most secure transaction that's handled by PayPal and/or Stripe via ultra-encrypted SSL data security standard. Basic personal info that our users agree to provide by having a MacroDazzle profile are: name/screen name, email address, location, age/birth date, what or whom they are looking for, their interests, their website/profile link (optional), ethnicity, sexual orientation, general height. All of the requested info is mostly options and thus would normally be willfully supplied by the user upon filling out the profile. Such information is deemed necessary to provide a better quality social network system with a better search algorithm and more useful features. As regular browsing user (who is not a registered member yet), you have total right to your undisclosed privacy as we shall not be attempting to collect personal data without 

We also reserve the right to modify our privacy policy and terms of use with or without prior notice.

It is up to you (the user) to keep up with the latest revision terms by visiting this page.

Contact Info: administration email is - In your email, you may address any specific questions regarding the use of the site and its policies.

Other Social Media Features, Logins and Pages: Our Services include certain Social Media features, widgets, and single sign on features, such as the “Facebook Connect,” “Google Sign-in,” “Facebook Like”, or “Share this” button or other interactive mini-programs (“Social Media Features”). These Social Media Features may collect certain Personal Information such as your IP address or which page you are visiting on our Website and may set a cookie to enable them to function properly. Social Media Features are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our Services. Your interactions with these third parties’ Social Media Features are governed by their policies and not ours. As a result MacroDazzle is not responsible for anything you do on those 3rd party websites.

MacroDazzle Brand Use: Unauthorized use of MacroDazzle branding is STRICTLY PROHIBITED without the direct WRITTEN permission from MacroDazzle being sent officially from our @macrodazzle authorized company inboxes. This clause applies to BOTH combination of the word MacroDazzle (fused as 1 word) AND "Macro Dazzle" (as 2 separate words) - which is protected by natural brand marks and intellectual property. You may not create ANY Materials NOR Profiles NOR Websites NOR Ads & Newsletters / Email Campaigns using our brand name "MacroDazzle" or "Macro Dazzle" by itself OR in ANY of the combinations with other words and slogans. Under the protection of "freedom speech and freedom of press", Bloggers/Writers & Publishers and Social Media Users MAY use the brand name with OR without direct permission from MacroDazzle given that they MUST publish links back ONLY to the original / legitimate / authorized website ( and must have only the most accurate, current information - no defamation - no slander - no offensive/vulgar content and no accusatory statements falsifying anything about the company/brand and its website systems. Additionally, those who wish to write about MacroDazzle to be published as  a public Blog/Article, Podcast, Landing Page / Newsletter, YouTube or TV News or (linear) Radio, MUST first consult with the management of MacroDazzle about the most current updates, guidelines/transparency and sheer accuracy of information and good will.

However, anyone who fills out a Reseller / Provider application and whoever is approved by MacroDazzle, they can have certain rights to use the brand/name in accordance with our guidelines with no intent to infringe / plagiarize / deceive / defraud or misrepresent the true nature of conveyance of affiliation and product/service stipulation. For any questions regarding media publishing / materials and brand use, please email us with your name and company affiliation to


We are employing only in the United States on a contract basis at will. You MUST be authorized to work in the US. The opportunities that we are providing are perfect for those who had been previously self-employed / independent workers / contractors. Especially, it's for those who would like to be self-employed MacroDazzle Affiliates working from your home office. This way you could still work independently at your own pace and discretion while at the same time boosting your income potential from using the MacroDazzle branding / image, influence, connections and all the consulting services for free. All the current positions are mainly part-time and self-employed with an affiliate-partner independent agent contract-agreement. For your privacy protection, we do not share any of your personal / application information with any other party. Whatever you share in this application will not be posted publicly nor used for unauthorized commercial gains. 

It is your obligation to provide accurate information about yourself so we can assess your level of experience, competence and reputation. There is no need to provide any financial info nor any kind of personal info that's not relevant to the job positions. Sending in examples of your work with a track record would be more helpful. At this time, all employment is going to be part-time based on relative merit. For ethical reasons, if you wish to work with us, you may NOT be employed by any competing firm that would have a vested interest in obtaining our intellectual property out of being anti-competitive. If there is a conflict interest, then that firm would either have to become a strategic partner of business alliance OR we'd have to forgo any business relation altogether. MacroDazzle reserves the right to deny your application for any reason it deems appropriate, justifiable and legal without unfair discrimination. If you were to be hired, our company will try to provide reasonable accommodation that would in no way guarantee a prolific lifestyle as it would be your main responsibility to ensure that your complete performance can provide sufficient stability of independent compensation by working as an agent while acting on the principal's behalf (i.e. our company).